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Canbus relay wiring kits

Canbus relay wiring kits

Canbus kit

CAN means control area network and it works as a net, just like LAN nets for computers. To use the can net it is essential to have a complete wiring system with Canbus bypass relay (Canbus relay wiring kits). Our wiring kits have a universal Canbus bypass relay with only one code valid for each car equipped with CAN line.

The advantages:

- Only one product for every tow bar for vehicles with CAN line.
- Less ware stored
- Very low error probability
- Less connections with the vehicle


Additional features:

- Repetition of the signal of the lights on the trailer

- Acoustic signal of eventual failures of the blinker of the trailer

- Control of the trailer when the panel is on (to verify parking lights and all the car's lights)

- Possibility to exclude parking sensors with a micro switch on the BE

- Possibility to connect directly to Rm for vehicles that do not give any information on the CAN line with rose cable, already included in the wiring.

- The database with the new models of vehicles compatible is always up to date.

- The kit is equipped with the list of links and the codes for vehicles.

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